Active Splitter / Combiner 4-Port

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Product description

ACTIVE 4 way splitter best for ADS-B and FLARM.

Attention: In contrast to our other products, we have a higher lead time of about 14 days for these splitters. Please take this higher delivery time into account.

When ordering, you must specify the required configuration in “Order comments” at the end of the order process:

Example P/N configuration (see table below)
e.g. L-SP4/ANDC1
N-type (female) 50 ohm, 4 way splitter with DC passing port 1 only

e.g. L-SP4/ASDCB
SMA-type (femal) 50 ohm, 4 way splitter with DC blocked all ports

The picture illustrates a N-type female active splitter with DC passing on port one. All other ports are DC blocked. Other configurations are available. Please see tables below.

Dependant on configuration the unit may be powered either from port one or alternatively via a PSU available separately.

Configuration: L-SP4/A*#

N N female, 50 Ohm
S SMA female, 50 Ohm
F F female, 75 Ohm
B BNC female, 50 Ohm
Z BNC female, 75 Ohm
T TNC female, 50 Ohm
DC Volt Passing (#)
DC1 DC passing port 1 only
DCB DC blocked all ports
DCA DC passing all ports

Technical data

Active Splitter / Combiner 4-Port
Frequency range 800 MHz – 2150 MHz
L Band Through Loss 1 dB ± 0.5 dB
Port to Port Isolation +20 dB
Return Loss +15 dB
DC Passing (#) See configuration table (#)
Max DC Current (Passing) 1 A
Max DC Supply Voltage 48 Volt
Current Consumption 60 mA
Dimensions 116 mm x 66 mm x 26 mm
Mounting Dimensions 105 mm x 57 mm
Weight 400 grams
RoSH/WEEE Compliant Yes

Delivery contents

  • Active Splitter / Combiner 4-Port