Mode-S Beast Module for ext. GNSS supply

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Product description

The Mode-S Beast Module similar to our well known Mode-S Beast is a top performance ADS-B, Mode-S and Mode-A/C receiver and decoder, with outstanding performance.

The Mode-S Beast Module is intended for integration into custom designs. The firmware is adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Deliverable Options:

  • Integrated uBlox GNSS module or external NMEA/TSIP/uBlox GNSS serial data interface
  • ADS-B antenna on PCB edge connector or U.FL/IPEX connector


  • Data format variable AVR oder Beast Binary
  • Available with combined ADS-B/GPS antenna input or separated antenna connectors
  • Serial interface 3.3V TTL Level for Mode-A/C, Mode-S and ADS-B
  • Serial interface for uBlox GPS module
  • Optional input for external GPS data in NMEA, uBlox or TSIP format and 1PPS
  • Operation without GPS is possible

Further info see also in our Beast-Wiki and the datasheet.

For further information please contact our support.

Delivery contents

  • Mode-S Beast Module (minimum order quantity 25 pieces)