Radarcape EVO 2CH

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Product description

Possible upgrades Radarcape 1CH Radarcape 2CH Price
Antenna Diversity
Two separate antenna inputs for special situations.
Better results under many difficult surroundings, e.g

  • Requirements for hot spot monitoring e.g. airfield
  • Reflections between buildings
  • Antenna installation on a tower
  • Long range monitoring of two directions
0 €*
Offers improved results at airfields with two internal receiver circuits like the Radarcape 2CH. With one antenna input, however, it can be adapted less individually to different requirements.
249,00 €*
Video out 130,00 €*
External clock 965,00 €*
Extended temperature range 62,75 €*
DIN rail mounting
For easy installation in standardized environments.
25,00 €*

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The Radarcapeis a ADS-B receiver to observe aircrafts (Flight Tracker) inside the long reception range. It contains a Linux computer (BeagleBone board, ARM CPU) with a network interface.
So, you can connect the Radarcape directly to your (home-) network. There is an USB port at front side where you can connect external devices (e.g., USB sticks, WiFi wireless adapter, etc.)

The Radarcape is being delivered with pre-installed software. Over the user-friendly Web interface you can configure the Radarcape by yourself and operate easily. Please refer to the license conditions.

Quick and easy installation:
The Radarcape is ready to use directly for Flight Tracking after assembly. No additional drivers have to be installed on your PC.

2D map in the Web browser:
Observe planes in live-mode on a 2D map in your Web browser.

3D map for Google Earth:
The built-in Web server inside the Radarcape provides the received flight routes as kml-files. View the air traffic as 3D-visualisation in Google Earth.

Data for virtual radar software:
The Radarcape can receive Mode-S data for the use by different applications. For example, Planeplotter and Active Display Lite can be directly connected to the Radarcape via the network.
Also, the network connection enables you to place the Radarcape and your PC at different locations.

Standalone ADS-B feeder:
The Radarcape can operate standalone and, e.g., feed 24/7 to platforms like Flightradar24, FlightAware or Planeplotter network. For this, the connection to a separate PC is not required.

Low power consumption:
With less than 5 W, the Radarcape has a very low power consumption
(4 types of wall plugs: EU/ US/ Australia/ UK, we ship the one that fits to the destination country)

Direct system access via SSH:
Via the administrator login, expert users can install their own applications directly on the Linux system.

High resolution timestamps for multilateration:
A build-in GPS receiver is used as timebase and provides high resolution timestamps for received frames. You can use these, e.g., for multilateration (MLAT) to locate aircraft without ADS-B. Therefore, the data from at least three Radarcapes is used to compute their actual positions.
(Multilateration is supported by the Radarcape firmware but currently no implemented function).

Receiver with the best performance in its class:
The Radarcape uses an intelligent FPGA to decode received frames in hardware.
So, it achieves a clearly higher performance than receivers using software decoding.

Further information under WiKi Radarcape .

Technical data

Radarcape 2CH
Beaglebone Board (Rev. A6A) AM335x 720 MHz ARM Cortex-A8
GPS Module Trimble Resolution SMT GPS Module
Other External 5 V, 15W power supply
Standard 2.1 mm DC connector (plus inside, minus outside)
USB expansion port for external devices (e.g., SDR sticks, measurement devices, data storage systems)
GPS localisation and timestamps with a resolution better than 50 ns (15 m)
Prepared SDR channel for other modulation schemes
CE and FCC certified
RoHS compliant
Case dimensions: approx. 92 x 80 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Weight approx. 0.300 kg

Delivery contents

  • Radarcape 2CH

  • Power supply 5 V, 15 W (4 types of wall plugs: EU/US/AUS/UK, we ship the one that fits to the destination country)

  • 5m network cable

  • GPS antenna (cable length 5m)