Air!Squitter ADS-B Receiver

ADS-B Receiver in a class of its own. Integrated device with all features for problem-free ADS-B and MLATreception, FLARMadd-on available. OLED display with most important operating parameters. MLAT is provided within the Jetvision Flight tracking network (see the note at the end*). Feeders for FlightRadar24, FlightAware, Opensky Network, Planeplotter and ADSB Exchange. Connection over WIFI or LAN, supports simultaneously multiple users via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Extensive map display on the web browser, filter options, status, range and performance diagrams. Only one antenna cable required with our combined ADS-B/GPS antenna (without FLARM), optionally separate antennas using an available splitter. For the FLARM option we recommend our Active Diapason 868MHz antenna.

Visit also the Air!Squitter website:

* In this version, the Air!Squitter is permanently connected to the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network. Registration included.

The Air!Squitter FLARM Bundle with active antenna is currently not intended for the USA, Australia and South America, because other frequencies are used there and the active antenna does not work there. With a passive antenna the Air!Squitter FLARM can also be used in these countries.

Air!Squitter manual download.

Commercial usage
For commercial users the Air!Squitter can provide external data interfaces (raw data, port 30003 and ASTERIX) with a highly accurate GPS timestamp with an additional license. Connection to the jetvision Flight Tracking Network then is optionally. Please contact our support ([email protected]).

Air!Squitter commercial license here.