Active Diapason Antenna AA 868 MHz FLARM

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Product description

Note to all Helium Customers: This is a receive only antenna. It does not have a TX Bypass and therefore can´t be used for LoRaWAN/Helium! It may be destroyed when doing so. There will be no refund if defect goods are returned to us.

  • Ideal for stationary FLARMreception
  • Optimized for DVB-T based receivers
  • Compensation of long cable losses (up to 50 m of CO 100 AF)
  • Amplification of weak signals
  • Rejection of GSM frequencies (-35 dB)
  • Significant improvement of reception range (compared to standard DVB-T antennas)
  • Protected antenna socket (SMA female)

For remote antenna setups to compensate for associated cable losses.

Please note: when using low loss setups the high gain of this antenna may lead to an overload of the DVB-T dongle’s RF input stage. In this case the RF gain of the dongle has to be reduced. Very short cables may lead to deterioration of reception quality.

For operation an additional SMA-SMA-cable is required.
Please visit our cableoffers and our Bundles.

This antenna can be used outdoors.

Dimensions: D= 25,2/ 32 x 210 mm

Design by F1OPA and F5ANN

Technical data

Active Diapason Antenna AA 868 MHz FLARM
Length 220 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Noise figure max. 1 dB
Gain 23 dB
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Power 5 V DC, 60 mA; USB, through Bias Tee
Other Includes adapter for seamless plug-in to DVB-T Dongles

Delivery contents

  • Active Diapason Antenna AA 868 MHz FLARM

  • Aluminum mast clamp