Mast clamp stainless steel

Mat. No: 6723x

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Product description

Out massive mast clamp is foreseen for harsh environmental conditions landside and offshore The only tool you need is a 13mm spanner. There are no small, tiny screws. It has an easy mechanical handling in case you have to wear gloves or freezing fingers.

As delivered it fits to an antenna socket diameter with 32mm, but can modified up to about 45 mm by yourself. The maximum mast diameter is limited to TBD mm.

Our massive mast clamp is available in two different steel qualities:
* Mat. No. 67238: V2A (aka 1.4404 or 316L) – for installations landside
* Mat. No. 67239: V4A (aka 1.4571, 316Ti) – for installations offshore or in sea water climate

Both versions always come with nuts, washers and lock washers made from V4A (1.4571, 316Ti)

Delivery contents

  • Mast clamp stainless steel

Technical data

Mast clamp stainless steel
Antenna socket diameter Ø32mm (can be modified up to Ø45mm)
Material V2A 1.4404, 316L
Material V4A seawater resistant 1.4571, 316Ti