Mode-S Beast Kit

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In stock

The Beast comes as a partly pre-assembled kit, where the 7 LEDs must be applied by the customer; soldering skills and equipment required. SMA and USB connectors are preassembled.

Product description

You may order a separate assembly service for the Beast Kit here.
There is an aluminium case available here.

The Mode-S Beast is a top performance ADS-B, Mode-S and Mode-A/C receiver and decoder, with outstanding performance.
The Mode-S Beast enables you to receive the positions of aircraft up to 450 km (225 nm) distance. Additionally, you just need an antenna and a PC with a free software for the visualization.
The USB connector is used for the data transfer to the PC and for power supply.

The concept of the Mode-S Beast is similar to that of a GPS mouse:
A versatile receiver, which is not limited to be used by only one proprietary software but giving any user the chance to take the software whatever prefered.

The device can provide raw data in two different binary formats. Either in the so-called “AVR format” or the more efficient “Beast binary format”. Both formats provide high resolution timestamps [1]. The Beast-Binary-Format contains additional signal level information.
The binary formats are supported by a variety of software, e.g., PlanePlotter and ADS-B Scope.

The Mode-S Beast optionally supports a 2nd receiver in order to receive signals from another source.
A possible application may be a separate high gain antenna directed into a hotspot, e.g., an airport.

[1]: The timestamps of the Mode-S Beast are counting with 12 MHz and are not GPS synchronized.

For further information, please visit the Beast-Wiki.

Delivery contents

  • Mode-S Beast PCB incl. SMA/ USB connectors

  • 7x LEDs

  • USB cable