Passive Splitter / Combiner 2-Port opt. DC Feed

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Product description

PASSIVE 2-way splitter for transmit and receive direction with DC feed for the common port.

The DC feed is foreseen to supply energy to any device connected to the common port, for example a receive preamplifier like our FLARM BOOSTER or FLARM BOOSTER He in order to compensate the attenuation of the splitter when connecting several devices on the other side.

We can offer this product with different connectors and impedances – but not mixed:

* N-female 50 Ohm
* BNC-female 50 Ohm
* F-female 75 Ohm
* BNC-female 75 Ohm
* SMA-female 50 Ohm
* TNC-female 50 Ohm

When ordering, please give us information which connector standard you require.

The picture shows a passive splitter with N sockets. DC pass-through to the splitter ports is blocked.

The power supply is connected to a soldering pin with a feedthrough capacitor and a soldering lug. The soldering pin is connected to the inner conductor of the cable, the soldering lug to the case and the shield.

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  • Passive Splitter / Combiner 2-Port opt. DC Feed