Radarcape License Key for Commercial Use

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Product description

This license is for using the Radarcape in a commercial environment. This license key will switch the license note in the browser to “commercial”. Afterwards the Radarcape and all its interface data can be used for business purposes. For nonprofit organizations, it’s further free without a payable license (Please contact our supportfor further information).

With this license, it is not allowed to restrain any notes and logos in the browser, or to personalize any layouts. If you have any needs to do that, you require the OEM License.

License key delivery for installation with Radarcape settings. You need a separate license for each Radarcape. License keys cannot be moved unless the Radarcape is returned to Jetvision.

Note: There are no shipping costs for this product.

You will receive your Commercial / OEM certificate key via email.

After ordering, please send the output of your system status to [email protected] together with your order number.
You can find this data in the menu[Status] ->[System] ->[Download TXT] or via the direct link http://radarcape/systemstatus.txt.
This will allow immediate processing without further requests.

Delivery contents

  • Radarcape license key for commercial use (license file)