Surge Protector N-Female/SMA-Female

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Product description

This gas tube surge protector (N-female to SMA-female) has a built-in gas-discharging element. It discharges to ground when the surge voltage exceeds a specified level. The surge protector will protect antenna and devices from over-voltage transients caused by exteral (lightning) or internal voltage peaks (over-voltage) events.

Technical data

Surge Protector N-Female/SMA-Female
Impedance 50Ω
Contact resistance (typical) Inner conductor ≤1.5mΩ, Outer conductor ≤1mΩ
Frequency range DC-3000MHz
Maximum allowable power 50W
Flow capacity (8/20μS wave): 20kA
Nominal discharge voltage 90V
Residual voltage <600V
Standing wave ratio ≤1.2
Insertion loss <0.15dB
Enclosure protection rating IP67

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  • Surge Protector N-Female/SMA-Female