ADS-B USB-Dongles

ADS-B Receiver as USB Dongle . The ideal starter device for ADS-B reception are our “Diamond Crown” or RTL-SDR R820T2″ USB dongles.

Dongles only achieve a reduced range. For better reception we recommend our Air!Squitter.

Their integrated circuitry RTL2832 and R820T2 provides highest sensitivity together with optimum range for small ADS-B Receiver.

Our USB dongles (ADS-B receivers) can be operated together with Planeplotter or RTL1090 to receive ADS-B on 1090 MHz or even used as a universal SDR (software defined radio) in the frequency range of 24-1,700 MHz (frequency range not guaranteed).

RTL1090 landing page with software and FAQ at

Air!Squitter landing page: Find a better solution…

We ship our dongles together with a small indoor antenna with MCX connector.
These ADS-B antenna is not suited for outdor use. For this purpose two different types of our high qualityOPA-5 or Diapason antennas are available dependant on required cable length.

IMPORTANT: each of our usb dongles was tested individually for full functionality and proper reception quality on 1090 MHz and together with RTL1090 and Planeplotter. See also .

For SDR applications with a requirement of high frequency accuracy and stability we offer our RTL-SDR (not necessary for ADS-B reception). This device has a guaranteed frequency accuracy of +-0.5 ppm.

Our dongles are sold and shipped without remote control and without software for the reception of DVB-T and FM signals.