ADS-B USB Dongle R820T2 + Small Indoor Antenna BUNDLE

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Product description

RTL2832/R820T2 dongles have a very high sensitivity and great range. It is the successor model to the E4000 described in “Funkamateur 4/2013” with the same functionality and better performance.

This dongle can be used together with Planeplotter and RTL1090 for the reception of Mode-S / ModeAC and ADS-B.

(We do not attach a remote control or software for operating the dongle for DVB-T or FM reception).

All our dongles were tested for perfect function at 1090 MHz together with RTL1090 and Planeplotter.

Our dongles are delivered without software and installation notes:

  • An installation and operation manual (incl. driver software) is available from:
  • There is also a detailed installation note available at Flightradar24
For ADS-B reception any TV driver software must not be installed. However such drivers are available for download from

The purchase price includes a donation for the development of the free reception software.

Delivery contents

  • ADS-B USB Dongle R820T2

  • Small Indoor Antenna 1090 MHz for ADS-B Dongle