ADS-B Sensorstations

Sensorstations from jetvision are reliable high performance receiving solutions for MLAT (multilateration for Mode-S, Mode A/C and ADS-B), FLARM and of course ADS-B.

For WAM (Wide Area Multilateration), A-SMGCS (Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) in a network or as a single station – ADS-B sensorstations from jetvision can be used in a variety of ways and are customized to meet specific customer requirements.

All components were selected for highest reliability, fail-safety and 24/7 operation.

  • Equipped with CE approved industrial components for a very wide temperature range.

  • Data transmission via Ethernet or GSM (all bands)

  • Robust mounting options

The sensor stations have proven themselves many times in rough customer use. True Air Traffic quality “Made in Germany” by jetvision.

Possible configurations
Radarcape – Standard (WAM) or HDR (Surface) or Air!Squitter and Low Loss 3 Pole Cavity -0.5dB 1090 MHz Filter
Receiver and 868 MHz filter
Rechargable Battery The sensorstation can be operated independently from an external power supply for a desired period of time
Solar Internal battery can be charged via solar panel to operate for longer periods independent of an external power supply
GSM router All frequency bands incl. LTE, email messages and much more.
Relay control Switching the devices on and off via SMS
Surge protection Antenna inputs with surge protection
Power supply unit AC power supply 100 – 240V (worldwide)
DC Converter Power supply 5V for Radarcape and FLARM option
Antennas Choice of integrated or external various 1090 MHz, 868 MHz, GPAS and LTE antennas

If you are interested in a Sensor Station or would like to get a consultation, please feel free to contact us using one of our contact options.