Antennas & Accessories

Our antennas were developed exclusively for jetvision shop by experienced radio amateurs and reputable labs. We either manufacture them by ourselves or are working in close cooperation with their factory.

Our own quality assurance ensures an uncompromising design as well as the highest quality and performance. The products are in the upper class of available, comparable antennas.

We offer two different antenna types, with and without a preamplifier.
The “Active Diapason” antenna is the optimal solution for long distances between antenna and receiver (from approx. 20 m cable length). The cable attenuation is compensated by the built-in amplifier. We also recommend this antenna for use with insensitive receivers.

For standard applications, especially for short and medium lengths (up to approx. 15 m cable length) of our low-loss cable, we recommend the “A3 ADS-B” antenna.

The “SCO-1090-MCX” antenna is specially built for direct connection to our Diamond Crown ADS-B dongle.

Please note that our cables have an SMA connector on the receiver side. You need an SMA connector/BNC connector adapter for use with miniADSB, and an SMA connector/MCX connector adapter for the dongle.

We also offer all antennas as “bundles” with cables or ADS-B receivers.

Please note our instructions for installing Jetvision antennas.