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Product description

Get up to 4x more range in a glider with FLARM BOOSTER and increased performance in helium mining!

The areas of application of this receiving preamplifier with transmission pass are versatile.

Do you need more FLARM range in your aircraft? Other aircraft with FLARM transmitters in your airspace are detected too late by your FLARM receiver, then the FLARM BOOSTER is just the thing for you. Increase your situational awareness in the airspace.

The FLARM BOOSTER also impresses when being used for other radio services in the frequency band around 868MHz, for example if your LoRaWan keeps losing reception. Or you want significantly more whitnesses for your helium miner. Do you want to increase the range of your LoRaWan network? Do you have a long cable between the antenna and the modem/miner? Often we see that the electrical design of a modem/miner is careless and the sensitivity is poor. Our FLARM BOOSTER will also help you in this case. Not at least if you want to use a splitter for multiple devices working with the same antenna the FLARM BOOSTER will compensate its losses.

The FLARM BOOSTER amplifies the 868 MHz antenna signal by +17dB and thus increases FLARM reception by up to four times the range. In terrestrial use, you can use it to compensate for inadequacies and negligence in the design of almost all devices. You can not only compensate for long cable distances between antenna and device but ultimately eliminate them due to the excellent noise figure of maximum 1.0dB.

The power supply is very simple. Either use the normal DC input with 5-15V, or feed in via the antenna input using the appropriate BIAS TEE. This means that an application far removed from the DC power supply can also be implemented in the aircraft (e.g. antenna in the vertical stabilizer), and with high masts or long cables you save yourself a second cable route.

You can also find the cables you need for operation in our shop. We only sell low-loss products that we use ourselves in our thousands of installations to determine aircraft positions.

When used in HELIUM mining, please note that this version of our FLARM BOOSTER comes with 17dB gain and therefore you might observe that the RSSI measurement of the transmission and reception path leads to increased rejection.

Technical data

Gain +17 dB
Connector SMA Females
Power DC 5-15V – 70 mA max.
Indicator LED green (RX) red (TX)
Weight 55 g

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