Active Diapason Antenna High Gain 1090MHz + Bias Tee

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Product description

We have revised the well prooven and tested design of the active antenna, which goes back to our early days, eliminating design weaknesses and realizing the primary customer request for even more performance. The new Active Diapason High Gain series has a doubled native antenna gain, an optimized adjustment to the following amplifier, an improved noise figure and last but not least a waterproof N-female connector, which is mounted in our proven rain water protection.

Important note: Not to be used for transmission purposes.

  • Ideal for stationary Mode-S/ADS-B reception
  • Optimized for DVB-T based receivers or other SDR receivers
  • Compensation of long cable losses (up to 50 m of CO100AF or 30m RG58)
  • Amplification of weak signals
  • Rejection of GSM frequencies (-35 dB)
  • Significant improvement of reception range (compared to standard DVB-T antennas)
  • Protected antenna socket (N-female)

Please note: when using low loss setups the high gain of this antenna may lead to an overload of the DVB-T dongle’s RF input stage. In this case the RF gain of the dongle has to be reduced. Very short cables may lead to deterioration of reception quality.

This antenna can be used outdoors.

Design by F1OPA

Technical data

Active Diapason Antenna High Gain 1090MHz
Length 440 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Noise figure max. 0,8 dB
Gain 25 dB
Antenna gain 4 dBi
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Power 5 V DC, 60 mA; USB-capable, through Bias Tee or receiver integrated DC bias, e.g. RTL-SDR stick

Delivery contents

  • Active Diapason Antenna High Gain 1090MHz

  • Bias Tee for Active Antennas

  • USB Cable A/Mini for Bias Tee

  • Aluminum mast clamp