OPA-5 High Gain Omni Passive Antenna 978 MHz UAT 5 dBi

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Product description

High quality passive UAT antenna with true high gain ( 5 dBi) for applications in the 978 MHz range including mounting hardware. It’s suitable for installations with short to medium length antenna cables or when using low-loss cables.

The antenna is well suited for rough all-weather use.

Technical data

OPA-5 High Gain Omni Antenna 978 MHz UAT 5 dBi
Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear vertical
Frequency range 978 MHz @ SWR 1.5, no tuning required
Usage 978 MHz UAT
Antenna gain 5.5 dBi
Max. transmit power 20 W (CW)
Connector N-female
Mechanical data Anodized Aluminium, Nickel plated brass
Height (approx.) 840 mm
Weight (approx.) 520 g
Mounting type Mast clamp for mast diameters Ø 35-54 mm

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  • OPA-5 High Gain Omni Antenna 978 MHz UAT 5 dBi

  • Mounting material