1. jetvision MLAT treetop coverage of Central Europe
  2. New Radarcape firmware release available
  3. New components for special applications

jetvision MLAT treetop coverage of Central Europe

On our map we show colored areas where we can see down to treetop height. Unfiltered, without a negative list and in real time! Our coverage reaches till close to the ground! Why MLAT? We can detect all aircraft, even those without ADS-B transponders. Even in the event of GPS interference or if an aircraft tells us a different position. We see every plane sending out a signal!

Are you interested in more detailed information? Then please contact us at [email protected]

New Radarcape firmware release available

Version 220321.1200.02

  • User Interface
    • Many internal changes in preparation for the upcoming new web frontend
    • Aircraft list now also shows data from OGN database for aircraft with regular ICAO
  • Data Outputs
    • Outputs now always prefer Mode-S altitudes to MLAT altitudes
  • Feeders
    • OpenSky: support feeding FLARM data to OpenSky Network
  • General
    • Fixed an issue which might break firmware updates
    • Fixed CPR decoding near the poles
    • Fixed an issue which caused intermittent loss of GNSS sync at midnight
    • Fixed an statistics issue related to GNSS timing accuracy

You can update your device by opening the web interface and browsing to Settings -> Software Maintenance -> Software Update. There, you should see the new version number 220321.1200.02, which you can then install by clicking the Update Software button.



New components for special applications

jetvision takes into account that there are different use cases for our products. Originally intended for airborne use, our FLARM BOOSTER is now used in plenty of applications for improving the performance of ground based equipment. Therefore, we also offer new products that make adaptation easier: Pigtail RP-SMA-male to SMA-male (Mat. No. 72851) and Pigtail RP-SMA-male to SMA-female (Mat. No. 72751). Our extra ruggedized sea water resistant V4A (1.4571 quality) mast clamp now is also available in a cheaper version made from V2A (1.4404) and they are available separately.

Coax cable 0,1m RP-SMA-male / SMA-male


Coax cable 0,1m RP-SMA-male / SMA-female


Mast clamp V2A